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Carlton MT6 X 1600.Radial Arm Drill .CL.           

Clarkson Cylindrical Grinder .1


Available Stock Machines: November 2019

 Lathes  Price
 SKF Facing Lathe
 Tos SN71 Center Lathe   R145,000.00


 Milling Machines


 C-Tek 180D CNC Milling Machine

 Zalgiris Knee Type Turret Mill
 Almaltco LM1260 Universal Mill


 Grinding machines  Price
 Jones and Shipman 540 Universal Cylindrical Grinder
 Jones and Shipman Universal Cylindrical Grinder
 Marbots 3515 Surface Grinder  R24,000.00


 Drilling Machines  Price
 Herbert Multi Drill and Tapping Machine
 WMW  MT5 Geared Head Pedestal Drill
 Carlton MT6 Radial Arm Drill


 Saws  Price
 Daito ST5070 Horizontal Bandsaw
 vertical Bandsaws.(Choice of Two)
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 Iron Workers  Price
 Iron Worker